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Blip Collaborative Tale 001 story, so far.

Ok, guys and girls.

First: sorry for the delay. I had a lot to do in the last weeks.


  • Open up a new browser window or tab.
  • Point to this address: http://blip.fm/blip_tales
  • Hear the songs from the bottom-top direction.
  • Enjoy the story.

Blip Collaborative Tales Project – Tale 001 – Untitled (so far)

Wherever i was in the 1970’s – mom’s, dad’s or grandma’s place -, i had my radio with me. That was home for me: my radio.

So, you can understand what a disppointment it was when i started to go deaf. It was a shock I had never felt. So strong, that i found myself Lost for Words too. From that moment on i knew i would have to face my worst enemies: my parents. They had never understood me and had never understood my pain but without my music I had no where else to go… Feeling mad & without friends I rebelled & turned to music. I learned to play piano & read notes before total hearing loss occurred.

One day I read about an amazing girl who, at the age of 17, was perfecting a way to “see” sound with a breakthrough device. When it was that this girl with eyes in her ears came to my life, she longed across distances back to me.

She sent me a package. A letter, written in symbols, and a pair of strange glasses. When I put them on, the paper came to noisy life. Just before the glass shattered, cutting my cheek, an address blazed across the room: the address of Johnston’s Opium Den.

That is it until now.

The link on the (Un)Title take you to the Blip Collaborative Tales Project profile on Blip.Fm, while the links in the text body take you to the original blips by the following DJs: @blip_tales, @maurilao, @CelsoBessa, @NicLizD (former @NicoleL), @DownLow, @paeix, @rtsnance, @darlin, @josiefraser.

I will try to update you weekly from now on, ok?

PS: Please, all you Blipers helping to tell the story, please, send a message to bliptales@gmail. This way, i will be able to contact and update you whenever needed.

See ya, read ya, hear ya.


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