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Project Deadline Postponed

Due to holidays season and extremely-busy-workdays-right-after-holidays season, the project was in a kind of stand by mode and the dealine was postponed.

I will start to get the project back in the track in this evening and there’s a new deadline date: February 19th, 2009, 20h00.

Apologies for the delay and let’s get back to the story.


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It’s alive – Blip Collaborative Tales Project is started

Ok, the experiment has began, with the Blip Tales user blipping the song Transmission, by Joy Division, and the first story phrase:

Wherever i was in the 1970’s – mom’s, dad’s or grandma’s place -, i had my radio with me. That was home for me: my radio.

You can follow the story on Replies List link on, or point your browser directly to .

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